Guiding you through a journey that applies to every aspect of your daily life

Guiding you through a journey that applies to every aspect of your daily life

What is itse®?
itse® takes you on a journey of self discovery which can open up a whole new world. itse® can help you build healthier, productive relationships with others, bringing positive change to your life and to those around you. Focussing on your personal strengths and unique potential, itse® guides you through a journey that can apply to every aspect of your daily life.
Weaving a tapestry or Eastern and Western ideas and philosophies, itse® offers understanding to explain why things may not have gone smoothly in the past. Knowing this can reset expectations, allowing future plans and future relationships to be approached with increased confidence.

itse® is designed to help you

Increase levels of self-understanding
Acquire practical knowledge
Put this knowledge into practice
Embedded within an MSc at Birmingham City University
The key to a positive life
At itse, we believe in-depth understanding of yourself, your reactions, your communication with others can help you to…
Self Improvement Man
  • Self understanding tick Make more sense of yourself and others
  • Self understanding tick Know when to let go – or when ‘to lose the battle to win the war’
  • Self understanding tick Lead a fulfilling life
  • Self understanding tick Improve both professional and personal relationships
  • Self understanding tick Develop more confidence and resilience
  • Self understanding tick Find and maintain a balance between your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being
  • Self understanding tick Survive and possibly thrive through challenging times by making better decisions
  • Self understanding tick Distinguish between your natural and adapted self
  • Self understanding tick Cope with stress and anxiety levels
  • Self understanding tick Manage your diet, exercise, sleep and self-care routines.
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“It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people but care more about their opinions than our own.”
Marcus Aurelius
Delve into your own self-understanding
At itse we recognise just how difficult and stressful modern life can be. We live in an ever changing world and often have to cope with many and varied demands on our time and resources. At times we may feel as if our confidence and resilience is being worn down. Enrol in our course on 'Self Understanding' to find out what is special and unique about you. Explore your personal strengths and what can happen if these are overused. Discover more about your emotions and how these can be usefully chanelled, leading to improved communications and outcomes for you and those around you
Delve into your own self-understanding
Acquire new knowledge and develop new skills
The courses on this site are filled with useful information, bite-sized lessons, activities, workbooks, hints and tips to help you embed your new found knowledge and skills. These courses have been specially designed to encourage you to apply this knowledge and perhaps look afresh at situations which may previously have seemed daunting or overwhelming.
Fitness activities & self-understanding
Unlock your potential
At itse® we focus on you as a unique individual and we'd like to open your eyes and show you just how wonderful you really are. We're keen to share with you tools and techniques to help you apply your new found knowledge and skills within the real world, enabling you to get the most out of life.
Woman painting - unlocking her potential

Don't just take our word for it...

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Makes me more clearly understand that nobody is perfect. Just to understand what you are, what you need, be the best of yourself, take risks with yourself.
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
I am now more self-aware but more importantly have more self-understanding.
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
Special, essential and useful in my workplace. Really helpful for personal development
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
I am now more self-aware, but more importantly, have more self-understanding. In particular, my emotional responses and effects on outcomes.
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Testimonial quote
Makes me cooperate with others successfully.
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Testimonial quote
I could use this in all areas of my life and I can now use the techniques to create win-win outcomes.
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Latest news and events

itse® for Life at BCU Conference
8th September 2021
The road to resilience in a Covid-19 world
Find out more about moving forward in this changed new world with confidence and hope.
Discover how to build healthier, productive relationships with others in order to bring positive change to your life and the lives of those around you. Learn about a novel framework and practical toolkits which can help to improve your confidence and resilience, enabling you to cope better in challenging and stressful situations, now and into the future.
Listen to knowledgeable and inspirational speakers, hear real life stories about how lives have been changed for the better, as voiced by students, and engage with our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges faced by many of us today. MORE
Itse free introductory course
7th December 2021
itse® website goes live with free introductory course
We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new itse website, allowing everyone to learn more about itse and take our first course, ‘How to Balance Your Life’ completely free! MORE
New course: How to make better decisions
7th December 2021
So, we piqued your interest and now you're wondering what itse® is all about!

itse® is a new online tool to aid self-understanding and provide you with the tools, knowledge and a framework to apply self-understanding to your everyday life.

Resulting in better relationships, better life outcomes, and more confidence to make the decisions that are right for you to achieve your goals and ambitions. NEXT