Self-understanding to change your world

Self-understanding to change your world

itse® sees the potential in each individual and knows the value that self-understanding brings.

'itse' means oneself. It can be interpreted as a person's sense of self and consciousness.

That’s why itse® recognises each person's unique spark and their life journey - focusing on the strengths they have and how best to realise these.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to everyday life, unlocking and making the most of the potential that exists within each of us.

itse® is designed to help you

Increase levels of self-understanding
Acquire practical knowledge
Put this knowledge into practice
and is part of an MSc at Birmingham City University

Start your itse® journey with our online courses

Our first course is totally free for a limited time!

  • COURSE 1
  • How to Balance your Life

  • An uplifting and holistic journey leading to improved life balance.

    At times creating a sustainable and balanced life can feel completely overwhelming and daunting. However, this course introduces a practical, holistic, simple to use approach which can help you to find a way through.

How to Balance Your Life
  • COURSE 2
  • How To Make Better Decisions

  • A four step approach to help reduce anxiety when making choices.

    This course aims to reduce the number of times you find yourself wishing you had done something differently by equipping you with a toolkit and method that can help improve your ability to make better decisions.

Effective decision making and building self improvement

Don't just take our word for it...

Testimonial quote
Makes me more clearly understand that nobody is perfect. Just to understand what you are, what you need, be the best of yourself, take risks with yourself.
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
I am now more self-aware but more importantly have more self-understanding.
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
Special, essential and useful in my workplace. Really helpful for personal development
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
I am now more self-aware, but more importantly, have more self-understanding. In particular, my emotional responses and effects on outcomes.
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
Makes me cooperate with others successfully.
Testimonial quote
Testimonial quote
I could use this in all areas of my life and I can now use the techniques to create win-win outcomes.
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Latest news and events

itse® for Life at BCU Conference
8th September 2021
The road to resilience in a Covid-19 world
Find out more about moving forward in this changed new world with confidence and hope.
Discover how to build healthier, productive relationships with others in order to bring positive change to your life and the lives of those around you. Learn about a novel framework and practical toolkits which can help to improve your confidence and resilience, enabling you to cope better in challenging and stressful situations, now and into the future.
Listen to knowledgeable and inspirational speakers, hear real life stories about how lives have been changed for the better, as voiced by students, and engage with our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges faced by many of us today. MORE
Itse free introductory course
7th December 2021
itse® website goes live with free introductory course
We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new itse website, allowing everyone to learn more about itse and take our first course, ‘How to Balance Your Life’ completely free! MORE
New course: How to make better decisions
7th December 2021
So, we piqued your interest and now you're wondering what itse® is all about!

itse® is a new online tool to aid self-understanding and provide you with the tools, knowledge and a framework to apply self-understanding to your everyday life.

Resulting in better relationships, better life outcomes, and more confidence to make the decisions that are right for you to achieve your goals and ambitions. NEXT

So what next?